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Monday, January 3, 2011


The Girl of my Dreams

As I turn two and one,
I can't help but think about the one,

The one who'll have the power to change my life,
The one who'll be my wife !

On my psyche she's made a mark,
I see her every dark !

Her face, is like a moon,
That she's alive, is in itself a boon !

Her eyes are big and round,
Her thyroid levels know no bound !

It seems, she always stares,
Hell ! Do I actually care ?

Her ears are pointed and low,
And she cannot hear the dogs bow-bow,

Her nose, I like,
All scents, she finds alike !

Her teeth are proper set, not crooked,
My ideas, she does not find wicked !

She has blonde hair,
And She's the sole daughter of a billionaire !

Her behavior, is to seek attention,
That's not what gives me tension !

Very willing she is to teach,
In the mall, to every stranger she begins to preach !

Every philosophy, she embraces,
When she smiles, she exposes her braces !

She is very minglish,
Her language of choice is English !

Her head, is home to the louse,
The beauty-parlour is her second house !

She does not know how to make sevpuri or bhelpuri,
But, she's fluent in Bhojpuri !

Her laughter, is like a bunny,
My jokes, she finds funny !!!

In all spheres of life she excels,
In T-shirts and trousers, she’s triple XLs !

Thank God she’s not size zero,
She is my superhero !

Such are her features,
I am totally in love with this creature !

The girl of my dreams is not dumb or mute,
She is, in fact, filthy rich and cute !

Nineteen ninety, now its two thousand eleven,
I want to meet her before I go to heaven !

Time is little, (and I also have to study)
Please help me find her, Buddy !

So, all you ladies and laidas,
If, any of these qualities you posses,
Or know of someone, I can assess,

Remember, this is, what I prefer,
To Jayesh Vira, kindly refer !