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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Chinese waitress and Six Young Friends

Once upon a time, there were six young friends. They knew each other ever since they were young. And whenever they met they felt very very young. That is why they remained young friends.

One day they decided to have lunch together. So they went to the Italian restaurant. In the Italian restaurant they were greeted by a Chinese waitress. Strange!!! Because it was an Italian restaurant and they were greeted by a Chinese waitress. While 5 off the 6 enjoyed Italian food, the sixth was fond of Chinese. And so he declared that he would only enjoy the Chinese and he did not like the Italian food, and hence would not be a part of the meal, because he enjoyed only the Chinese.

And so as the Chinese waitress brought the menu card, the 6 friends realised that the rates were picked up from Italy and so did not suit their Indian wallets. Talking of which, the 6th friend was unmoved, because he liked Chinese not Italian.

And  so he went to look out for Chinese, while the other 5 debated over the Italian. Knowing well that if and when he found the Chinese, they will be forced to have the Italian, one of the other 5 followed him. So there were left 4 out of 6, because 2 had gone away.

Because 2 had gone away, the 4 also decided to go away. They said that they wanted uniformity in the group, so they too were fond of Chinese, but the truth was that their Indian wallets could not afford the Italian food, because the rates were picked up from Italy.

And so all them were out of the Italian Restaurant. But they could not find Chinese, because the Chinese waitress was in the Italian Restaurant and they were out of the Italian Restaurant.

And so remains incomplete the tale of the Chinese waitress and the Six Young friends, because one of them did not like Italian and the others could not afford it.