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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why people hate Jericho

        For a long time, WWE was a must watch for me. It was only till some time ago, that I realised it was all drafted and fixed. (And I have a feel that soon I will develop a similar belief for our cricket matches.) Of the last few episodes of WWE that I can recollect I do vaguely remember Chris Jericho taunting the audience and labeling them HIPPOCRATES and surely the audience booed him like anything. Then he went on further to say that all of us sitting in front of the TVs were equally Hippocrates! Now, come on “DUDE”, don’t you dare call Jayesh Vira a HIPPOCRATE. True, that in a couple of years I will be taking the Hippocratic Oath, but that does not give a liar, street smart individual and profound actor who makes unsuspecting people believe in yourself,  like you any right to label me a HIPPOCRATE. I oblige you be lending valuable hours of life (which by the way I am never going to get back), and you label me a HIPPOCRATE.I turn on the TV for some crafted action, not to be labelled a Hippocrates. Totally unacceptable! But then that’s what happens, a man is known by the company he keeps. And for him I was in the company of all those other Hippocrates and so I shared the tag.
        But what that incidence did, was that it got me thinking. And I realised, that instead of spending time watching such non-sense artificial stuff, if I write more blogs, I can help the world come to a better equilibrium with their “Inner voice”. What that ignorant human spoke on TV, would have been a great achievement for his level of intellect, but then again, it was all drafted.
        Hmmmm, you’ve got it right, I’ve been entangled in something bad once again! Fame just seems to follow me where-ever I go. That is precisely that reason why hell is so famous. Ever heard or told to someone “Go to heaven”. No! It’s always “Go to HELL!” See how famous I’ve made it. Anyways that’s not our point today. It’s time now, for the main story.
        It has got some relation with what our role models of the Century viz. Shri Kalmadi,
Shri Raja,

Shri Karunanidhi’s daughter कनैमोज्ही

  and those of the past centenary Shri Azharuddin

  and Ajay Jadeja.

Just going a little off at a tangent, how would the Kalmadi’s be feeling reading this piece? I mean you guys have become a household legend! बच्चा बच्चा जानता है, की, आप कौन हो !  Every time, any one is suspected of mismanagement of funds he is christened as a Kalmadi. Every time, an honest (dumb) officer rejects a bribe, he says “इतने के लिए क्यूँ मुह ख़राब करू. कुछ  Kalmadi के level का होगा, तो सोचेंगे.” You’ve set national standards and records even better than the games you organised. But, then again why are you being so chastised? Perhaps because of this HIPPOCRATIC society, whose guilty conscience now pricks them? In you, they see themselves! And, what you suffer is called a LEADER’S CURSE. By chastising you, they try to prove their dissociation from you and hence try to settle their Inner Voice. (But, you can’t, because you know exactly who that Inner voice is. So, it’s all a lame effort. Just on a personal note, he derives great pleasure by pricking you, and making your life hell, because that is his favourite destination.)
        I always have a hard time with those type A personalities. Seriously speaking, they are too aggressive for a soft and kind hearted person like me and frighten me. And then I end up being defensive and end up shattering them. I do not like it, but they leave me no other option. Finally survival is a basic instinct and the best survives! A very irritating quality of theirs’ is their insistence on special treatment and they do not mind breaking the queue if the need be. I mean, come on its fine, you wait for your turn. I am not refusing you food. I have sufficient for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed!! The earlier you learn it, the better for you.
        And then on some days, I am in a little mischievous mood. So, their inner voice pricks them a little more. I love to see that struggle for independence which they launch against that oppressor and finally when they cannot win, just say that everyone is equally bad! GRAPES ARE TRUELY SOUR, AREN’T THEY?
          Talking of prickly consciences, some have a dysfunctional prickly conscience. It starts pricking them whenever they do not get an opportunity to do the wrong thing. Just as is the case with everything that’s dysfunctional in medicine, it’s abnormal and harmful. So perhaps you would feel bad, if you haven’t had a fight with your mother early morning or are not being a menace to someone, or not making a fool out of yourself! There is no cure. आपको सिर्फ दुआ की जरूरत है!
        So how did this condition arise? It arose because of lack of self control and timely intervention. Just as Nana Pathekar described in “Ab tak Chappan”,

it becomes a habit. And old habits die hard. They are like tuberculosis. They kill you, but do not die, as you would probably have transferred them to someone else by then. Probably, the first time you did it, it was out of necessity. Then it became a fun activity. And now it has progressed to a point of no return. It has become a full blown habit. A very scandalous analogy (I love scandals) would be to say, that all students are criminals. Coping in exams is a crime! No one makes a fuss about it. But, when some gangster gets elected in UP/BIHAR/HARYANA/MP/ANYWHERE, we surely register our protest. But, they will continue to get elected, because deep within, we are one. Birds of the same feather flock together.
        So, when Anna Hazare has started a revolution against corruption, and we all are backing him, because we want everything else to be right. Yet, whenever we want our work to be done, skip the queue for instance, we will do what we have always been doing and expect all others to be decorative pieces. And when someone else skips a queue, take a morcha to Azad Maidan. Everything else should be right, but us.

        Truly, Mr. Jericho, such HIPPOCRATES.